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To date, within the MCS population, we have had a total of 15 positive cases of COVID-19 occurring amongst our students and staff.

 ​Figure 1. Total positive cases to date

From the start of the school year and up to the Winter Break, all of the positive cases were staff (5 of 5 positive cases staff). Since Winter Break, all but two of the positive cases have been students (7 of 9 positive cases students).

Figure 2. Positive cases by program

​Importantly, there has been very little community spread (defined as transmission within school). Our one instance of likely transmission within the school occurred in March in the Uinta classroom (Upper Elementary).

3 of 21 individuals exposed, tested positive, all within the same 14 day window. This is considered a classroom outbreak. The Uinta community effectively quarantined for 10 days.

Figure 3. Individual versus classwide quarantine in total known cases (within and outside school)

In total thus far, the school has received notification of 39 exposures to COVID-19 affecting our community. Approximately 75% of those exposures were successfully managed using individual quarantine, and we were able to avoid classwide or group quarantine, as exposure occurred outside of the school setting.

Our gratitude to Kate Beebe for revising this blog post and creating the presentations of the data. We are so very grateful for the partnership of our community.