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Speech, Language, and Hearing Screenings

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Montessori Community School will be holding speech, language, and hearing screenings on Wednesday, September 18th.All Kindergarteners will have the opportunity to participate in the screenings. If your student is a Kindergartener, please check their Take-Home Files for the Kindergarten Registration Form.

If your child is in another grade and you have concerns, please fill out the bottom portion of the form found in the office-lobby area and return to the MCS office by Tuesday, September 17th.

The screenings will be a general, brief measure of your child’s speech and language skills in order to determine if further speech and language evaluations are needed. Screenings are appropriate for students of all ages. Please note that hearing screenings will be held at a different time.

The speech and language screenings will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. After the completion of the screening, Let’s Talk will identify if there are concerns regarding your child’s speech and language skills. A note will be sent home with your child regarding the results of the screening assessments and if further assessment is warranted.

You might consider having your child’s speech and language screened if your child shows one or more of the following:

  • Has had chronic ear infections.
  • You and others have a hard time understanding understanding your child’s speech.
  • Speech is less intelligible than their peers.
  • Does not combine 2-5 words in their speech.
  • You suspect your child may have a fluency disorder: stuttering
  • Has difficulty asking and answering “wh” questions.
  • Becomes easily frustrated when trying to tell you something.
  • Has a difficult time learning and using new concepts and vocabulary.
  • See for more in depth information on speech and language delay warning signs.