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Strategic Planning

| Montessori Admin |

This academic year, MCS created a Strategic Planning Committee to ensure that the Montessori Community School continues to thrive and meet its mission in the future.

The Strategic Planning Committee is made up of MCS administrators and parents working together to address urgent and long term goals. Currently, the Strategic Planning Committee is prioritizing review of Facilities, Curriculum and Instruction, Authentic Montessori Philosophy, and Administrative Roles and Responsibilities.

By creating subcommittees of its members, the Strategic Planning Committee is reviewing current facilities – such as updating HVAC systems and potential expansive building renovations; working on reviewing current curriculum and instruction, working closely with MCS’s amazing teachers; and reviewing the roles and responsibilities of administrators.

The Strategic Planning Committee will provide updates to the MCS community through the newsletter on a regular basis and welcomes feedback, ideas, or other inspiration from our community!

If you are passionate about any of these issues and would like to participate on a subcommittee, or provide feedback, please contact