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Talking To Your Kids About Earthquakes by Christina Economy

| Montessori Admin |

Waking up Wednesday morning to loud noises and shaking was a reminder that earthquakes do still happen here in Salt Lake City. As a California native living in Salt Lake City, I will tell you now; yes, earthquakes still scare me. Growing up, I remember my mom retelling a story about a 5.9M earthquake that rolled my crib from side to side as she tried to pick me up and move us to safety. At 7 years old I remember the 6.7M Northridge earthquake that rattled communities, caused fatalities, and created severe road damage.Discussing Earthquakes and drills is something that should be kept age-appropriate and factual. Like anything that can be scary or cause anxiety, knowledge can be the power to help combat that fear. Personally, knowing I was prepared on how to react during and after an earthquake is what helps make earthquakes a less scary event. Preparing your home with food and water is important but above all, it is important to empower yourself with knowledge on what to do during and after an earthquake. The USGS website offers great information and I hope it is useful.

What to do DURING an earthquake

What do do AFTER an earthquake


-Christina Economy
MCS Magnolias Dual Language Teacher