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Tips to Ease the Transition into a New School Year

| Montessori Admin |

Establish a new bed time

Ahead of time, start getting into the new routine so the night before school is a lot easier.

Involve your child in the preparation 

It’s always fun for the children to participate in the process. Having the lunchbox or pencilbox they picked can make a child feel excited about the start of the year.

Review the school routine

Establishing familiarity with the new routine is key. Talking about the routine before school starts, can help alleviate anxiety about new and untried things

Talk about your memories

Share your own school experiences with your child and try to focus on the positive and be optimistic. Talk about your favorite teacher, great friends you made or a fun assignment you remember working on.

Keep calm

Back-to-school season can get very anxious for families, as you’re all rushing to get things done. But try to avoid the chaos. If parents stay peaceful, there’s a greater chance the children will, too. 

Get ready the night before

The night before school will be full of excitement, and it’s the perfect time to start getting ready for the big day. Lay out backpacks, clothes, and anything else needed in the morning to cut down on morning chaos. Once everything is set for the next day, focus on having a fun and relaxing evening.

Be on time

Once the big day has arrived, keep to the schedule, which will be easier if you prepared as much as possible. There’s nothing more anxiety-provoking than being rushed out the door or being the late to class.

Plan some fun

Brainstorm ideas with your child for things to do when school ends on the first day. Knowing this plan is in place will help get you and your child through the initial stressors of that first day.