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We are Accreditated!

| Montessori Admin |

Congratulations! Montessori Community School of Salt Lake City has been awarded Accreditation at Full Accreditation Status by the International Montessori Council and is now a part of a global network of accredited Montessori schools. This action was taken by the IMC Board of Trustees and the IMC Accreditation Commision on February 18, 2021.

Throughout the term of accreditation, Montessori Community School of Salt Lake City must continue to adhere to the IMC Code of Ethics and the IMC Accreditation Standards to maintain the accreditation status as outlined in the IMC School Accreditation Handbook. Your accreditation signifies your commitment in pursuit of educational excellence and best practice in Montessori. You can take pride in your achievement and so can your school community. Your school has completed a rigorous accreditation process that fully encompasses the principles and philosophy of Montessori Education.

You have received the Final Report, which includes commendations, recommendations and required actions. As a formative tool for improvement, it pinpoints areas of success as well as areas in need of support and / or focus. Your responses to those recommendations in your annual report will serve as a guide for you and your community to focus your attention, effort and actions, which will result in a positive impact and measurable outcomes specifically designed to improve the overall education experience at Montessori Community School of Salt Lake City. As your school accomplishes and documents each change, the recommendations will guide you in future actions and endeavors.
As an accredited institution, you are a part of a community of Montessori schools around the world dedicated to collaboration, support, growth and improvement through accreditation. The IMC offers a range of services for schools that are planning to engage or are engaged in the accreditation process. Please share your experiences with schools that you feel would be a wonderful fit for IMC Accreditation. In addition, helping as a mentor school for new schools in the process provides an avenue for you to share your knowledge and kindness. Always remember at IMC we are here to listen, support and help your school – just reach out.

Sheila Linville
Sheila Linville
IMC Director Of School Accreditation