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Welcome to the Toddler Environment

| Montessori Admin |

This year, our teeny Toddlers from our Suns, Moons and Stars classes are making great strides in a school-wide practice of “Grace & Courtesy.” Our Toddlers are learning some of the most important life lessons of all, and that is how to be thoughtful of our friends and those we love. Grace and Courtesy are learned through sharing a toy, taking turns on the slide, and being patient while a friend finishes a special work. These lessons are also incorporated during lunch and snack time when children say “Please” and “Thank you” or “No, Thank you” while practicing table manners. There are so many opportunities to exercise the principals of Grace and Courtesy both at home and at school, and we encourage parents to practice with their children.

As we settle into a new school year, our Toddlers are learning to adapt to new environments. Being away from Mom and Dad can be tough at their tender age, but our teachers are working with the young ones to help them become comfortable at drop-off time. Currently, our Toddlers are learning about their school environment, in the classroom and on the playground. They are having fun with the new materials that our teachers have set out for the new school year. Our Toddlers are also learning friends’ names this week, with songs from our wonderful teachers.

A health update on our friend Nico- He was delayed in his intensive chemotherapy, because his blood count was too low. As of a few days ago, Nico was back on the regime and all is going well. His parents, Jeff and Shannon are hoping that he will have completed this series within a month from now. We are all hoping that Nico can come back to school sometime in October. Get well, Nico!

Written by Kellie Gibson, August 30, 2013