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Winter Sports Starts January 12, 2022!

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Winter Sports 2015

The Winter Sports program at MCS started back in 1994, spearheaded by our very own Brandi Alllen. Brandi, a former ski instructor, was very much involved in the program in those formative years and is delighted to see how it has grown and expanded since then.

Winter Sports 2015

This year we were fortunate to have our safety measures and the overall preparation for Winter Sports reviewed by Peter Girardi. We are so very grateful for his advice and guidance. Peter is a coach with Valvoline Racing, a private ski team, traveling for Nor-ams and European race and training projects. Prior to that he was on the Men’s Alpine staff at Killington Mountain School in Vermont. He was also part of the Student Life department and helped write the Covid-19 Response for the school. He is the proud parent of Theo in Sego Lily (Infant Class).


Winter Sports 2017

The intent behind our Winter Sports Program is that the experience as a whole lets our students have a real-life group driven opportunity to practice the life skills they have been learning and practicing in such a safe environment here at MCS. And it is an opportunity to let our students explore one of Utah’s greatest beauties- the mountains and our incredible snow!

Winter Sports 2019

One of the reasons we appreciate Snowbird’s Ski Program is that they take an approach to individualized instruction that is similar to our approach here at MCS. Snowbird instructors go through intense training on how to meet the needs of each student in a group. Please keep in mind that these lessons are peer-oriented and groups are bound to contain students at varying levels of mastery in the skill sets being worked on. Some students will be close to the peak of that skill set and some will be further down. We ask that you place your trust in the ski program to group our students as they see fit. As these lessons continue on, it really is a collaboration as a group to learn and practice.