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Yelp Tries to Bully School into Buying

| Montessori Admin | ,

Yelp is known for its less then scrupulous sales tactics. There are class action lawsuits accusing them of unfairly posting negative reviews and hiding the good reviews. Montessori Community School has been contacted by various sales staff at Yelp.
“Yelp is known to use bad reviews as a way to sell their marketing packages. If you look further on their website you can actually uncover all the reviews of the school and most of them are very very good but Yelp hides them. They have contacted us multiple times saying: “If you setup a paid package with us you can unlock all of those hidden reviews.”

If you check any other review site you will see past and present parent reviews. The school strives to ensure every student experience is a great one. MCS embraces Montessori and wants parents to engage with the school.

One way that parents can help shed a light on their experience is to review the school on any platform. If you would like to review Montessori Community School on Yelp there are certain things you can do to try and keep your review from being hidden or deleted.

  • Link your Yelp account with Facebook
  • Make sure Yelp is updated with as much profile information as possible
  • Review other organizations (one review seems to raise flags)

“My recommendation is to simply avoid using Yelp in general and report their fraudulent practices.”