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Tag: Blue Lemon: New Menu Items for March!

Blue Lemon: New Menu Items for March!

New menu items like…

Tomato Bisque

Flatbread Chicken Pesto

And much more!
Get the March Form at the bottom of this page.

The Blue Lemon comes to the Montessori Community School creating a local grown, clean, personalized, and customized lunch program with a twist.

Our new lunch program offers choices for Tuesdays through Fridays on a monthly basis. Each month you may change your student’s order; however, once your order goes in at the beginning of the month, you will be locked into that order for the entire month.

For example, if you order tacos on Tuesdays and grilled cheese on Fridays, your student will receive a taco every Tuesday for the month and a grilled cheese every Friday for the month. You may pick which day/s of the week your student would receive lunch for the month.

  • A new form is required each month as the menu is seasonal and may change from month to month.
  • You may choose any amount of days or combination of days as long as it stays the same for the month.
  • Circle one option per day.
  • Please note the last Wednesday of every month is “Breakfast for Lunch”. If you sign up for Wednesdays, the Breakfast for Lunch is the only option offered that day.
  • Please fill out one form per child.