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Tag: Education for the Future

Montessori Education Week

Please consider submitting one of the following to to help focus attention on the value of a Montessori education:
You are invited to provide a written testimonial about your child’s Montessori school experience.

Quotable Quotes
Please write one or two sentences on “What I like about Montessori for my child(ren)…” or “MCS is special because…”.

Alumni is invited to write about how their Montessori experiences have benefited them in their post-Montessori lives.

Share photos of your child(ren) living “Montessori” outside of the school setting.

United as Parents

We, unfortunately, missed the opportunity on June 1 to honor all parents around the globe for the “Global Day of Parents.”  I found this short blog post on Montessorium very sweet as the things that unite us as parents and that we likely all have in common included:

1. A sense of wonder at bringing a new life into the world.
2. Joy in the small, daily accomplishments of a child.
3. Trepidation about the responsibility parenthood brings.
4. Hope for their child’s future.
5. A desire to see their family grow in health and happiness.

And so, just a few weeks late but with extra attention due to the heartache and disunion going on around the world, I feel inclined to stand as a global citizen and honor my fellow parents throughout the world.

Keep shining,