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Tag: Elementary Student Cooks for Teachers

Lower Elementary Student Thanks His Teachers



Lower Elementary student, Diego Reyes-Lisieski, prepared a 5 star meal for his teachers Monday, May 18th . Not only did Diego share his superior talent and passion for cooking, he was also able to express his appreciation and love for his teachers’ dedication and hard work.

Diego started with a beautiful table setting for four. Shortly thereafter, the MCS kitchen started to really heat up. Attractive aromas began entrancing every person who was within walking distance of Diego and, at the time, his kitchen.



Diego prepared Beef Wellington, Mashed Potatoes with Leeks, and a Cheesecake. For those of you who are not in the culinary know-how, Beef Wellington is a preparation of filet steak coated with a Pâté (a mixture of cooked ground meat and/or fat minced into a spreadable paste, commonly mixed with other vegetables, herbs, and spices) and then wrapped in puff pastry. This is a very complicated dish and if it is not cooked correctly, this dish can be a disaster.

Fortunately for Diego, the Beef Wellington was executed with excellence. The meat was tender, juicy, and full of rich, overlapping flavors. The Mashed Potatoes with Leeks were not only gorgeous to look at, but possessed the perfect balance of flavors. Often, leeks can be overpowering in a dish that uses a mild, starchy base; however, Diego nailed it.  Diego plated the dish and served each of his Lower Elementary teachers with grace and courtesy.


Both teachers and Administration were overwhelmed by Diego’s talents, generosity, and care he put into planning, preparation, and implementation of this beautiful way of saying thank you. It is agreed there is no better thank you for teacher than one that comes from the heart (and especially leads to the stomach!) and showcases a students talents, passion, and love of of those talents and passion.

MCS implements a Montessori education in such a way that emphasizes the entire child. This adds an increased focus on practical life skills that empower and connect with a child’s energy and curiosity for learning. Essentially, a Montessori child learns to how to learn and how to love what they are learning.

Diego has been at MCS for the last 5 years. He has relished and thrived in this Montessori environment. A Montessori education has allowed Diego to be able to magnify his talents, abilities, and demonstrate his love of learning. Through Montessori Community School’s Lower Elementary teachers, and Maria Montessori’s method of education, Diego is a wonderful youth maturing into an incredibly talented, responsible, and brilliant member of our community.


Diego is currently a member of the Salt Lake Culinary School and has been featured on KSL’s Good Things Utah for his cooking prowess.  We are excited to follow Diego and his talents through the years to come