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Admissions Meeting: Jan. 11 – 6:30pm

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This event will be virtual. The “Join Meeting” button above will connect you on the day of the event:

  • When: Tuesday, January 11, 2022 from 6:30-7:30pm.
  • Enrollment Opens for 2022-2023: January 14, 2022.
  • How to RSVP: Families interested in attending should begin by filling out the Admissions Inquiry form if not already done.
  • Rolling Admissions: Parent interviews will be scheduled in the order in which applications are received. This event is a required step for beginning the application process and will count as a tour while we observe COVID-19 safety protocols.

Montessori Community School of Salt Lake City serves children aged 3 months through 6th grade. Our mission is to provide an authentic Montessori experience that nurtures the natural unfolding of the whole individual, instills a love of learning, encourages acts of peace, and empowers all.

One of the great strengths of our school is its community of parents, students, and staff. We appreciate and are grateful for the word of mouth referrals by our current families and ask that you pass the information along to friends and/or family interested in Montessori education.

General Admissions Information Meeting: January 11, 2022, 6:30pm – Facebook Event

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The Story of the Universe – Adventures in Lower Elementary

There are a lot of things for our Lower Elementary students to get excited about this time of year!  The tall slide on the playground, the Native American flute, their upcoming trip to the Utah State Fair, and math exercises using materials that span CLEAR across the Lower Elementary hallway are just a few of them.  My personal favorite, though, are the Great Lessons that start the school year.  Great Lessons are aimed at the elementary students vivid use of imagination, one of their very best attributes -wouldn’t you say,  to get them thinking about some of the big questions in life. Where did humans come from?  Why does the earth rotate?  Who made up language?

There are a total of five Great Lessons and they are used to introduce the year’s studies of history, geography, botany, zoology, science, language and math in the LE program.  Not only are they important in inspiring the child’s imagination and investing them in the importance of various subjects they can look forward to studying, but they are memorable, too!  Having the opportunity to hear these stories three different times in their LE cycle allows students to consider them from various perspectives.

Today’s story is called The Story of the Universe and our very own Diana shared it with both the Wasatch and Oquirrh class.  The lights were low as she described a time before the children existed, before she herself existed…..before there was any life at all.  Through a series of beautifully described bangs, expansions, colors, gasses turning to liquids turning to solids, formations and temperatures and one auditorily memorable POP!, she described the story of our universe.  Oquirrh and Wasatch students will follow up this lovely story with a number of experiments including Colder than Cold, Chemical Combinations of Gas, Chemical Reactions, Crystillization, Law of Gravity and many more in the coming weeks.

If you get the chance, ask your Oquirrh or Wasatch student how they are related to the universe?  Their answer is sure to involve iron!

We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

We are looking forward to the opportunity for our Early Childhood parents to participate in the ThroughPlay study through the University of Utah.  MCS parents can expect to receive a link to the questionnaire via email shortly.  Completion of the questionnaire is a prerequisite to receiving an invitation to the presentation mentioned above.

MCS will offer child care to our families.  If you plan to attend this presentation and are interested in child care here at MCS, please email Britney at

Author Jane Nelson Speaking May 5 – Montessori Academy

Jane Nelsen, author the Positive Discipline books, will be speaking at our school on Thursday, May 5th, at 7:00 pm. The topic is “Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World”, and Dr. Nelsen will be focusing on independence and the benefits of self-reliance for children. Her talk will include all age ranges through adolescence.

Dr. Nelsen does charge a speaking fee, so we are charging just enough for tickets in order to pay her fee ($15 per ticket). We have already offered tickets to our parents and we still have some availability, so we would love to extend an invitation to any Montessorian that would like to attend.

You can purchase tickets with a credit card by calling Ms. Terra in the front office at (801) 566-6962, or you can mail us a check, or call and reserve some tickets and then pay at the door. It seems that we all get so busy from day-today that we rarely see each other, and we would welcome the opportunity for our teachers to have a chance to associate together with you and your staff.

We will have some refreshments and time after the presentation to mingle. We hope to see some of you here!

Angie Johnson
Curriculum Director

Mountain West Montessori Academy
4125 West Foxview Drive
South Jordan, UT 84095


All School Science Assembly – SCIENCE IS COOL!

Wow, what a great morning here at MCS! First thing this morning, our entire staff and student body came together for a wonderful assembly.  We began by singing one of our favorite peace songs, Light A Candle for Peace, and then two MCS parents gave a wonderfully exciting science presentation.  It was so lovely to see all of our students, from our young Toddlers to our big Upper Elementary students, show excitement and interest in the experiments.


Janis Cantwell, research scientist at the University of Utah, and Holly Sebahar, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Utah, both parents of Early Childhood students, showed the following experiments of chemical reactions; the effects of a catalyst; things that changed from liquid to solid and the formation of stronger bonds; liquids changing colors and bubbling and smoking; how fireworks work; what hydrogen looks like when popping from a balloon as opposed to helium; and for the grand finale, Holly made a cloud!


It was so satisfying to see all of our students enjoying the presentation and we are all looking forward to the upcoming Science Fair on April 7th.  After today’s presentation we think our little scientists are quite inspired!

Be sure to visit our Facebook page to see videos from this mornings experiments!