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A Welcome Letter from School Director, Britney Peterson

Dear MCS Parents,

With open arms and hearts, we welcome you to the 2018 – 2019 Academic year. I always love the energy of the new year and this one is no different. Our hallways are filled with excited students, parents and teachers greeting old friends or meeting new ones. Each material, even down to each individual pencil, has been intentionally placed with care. The floors, walls, materials, etc. are clean and ready to begin a collection of new memories of the year; filled with new adventures, friendships and accomplishments.

For most of us, a new school year signifies creating and refreshing goals. We appreciate the support from our parent community as our administration has undergone some changes. We are hopeful the structure of our revised administrative team will bring about opportunity for growth as a school while we still each strive to protect Robyn and Bob’s (MCS Founders and Owners) vision of an authentic Montessori school founded deeply in community.

Each year we choose a theme for our staff to practice and this year our administration chose the theme “Trust.” We recognize the importance of building trust with our parents, our teams, and most importantly, our students. We invite you to join us in our efforts to develop relationships of trust to ensure the success of each and every one of our students.

I would like to extend gratitude to the following for their time and efforts spent preparing our school for the new year:

  • Our custodial team; Lian, Betty, Felipe Sr. and Felipe Jr., who spent countless hours cleaning and sanitizing our entire school to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment. They also put in extra time and effort to help us rearrange our spaces to best meet the needs of our students and staff.
  • Our IT team; Jemmyn and Brandon, who ensure our systems are set up to support all things technology related.
  • Our office staff; Marisa and Sabine (with immense help from Ashlee) for preparing labels, master lists, schedules, calendars, and a number of other resources that are crucial to the smooth operation of our school. We thank Ashlee who ensures every detail necessary is given the attention it needs.
  • Our business team; Ramira, D’Anne and Kathy, for handling the on-boarding of new students and families with immense love and care.
  • Our Emergency Preparedness team; Ashlee and Margaret, for ensuring our staff were properly trained and for overseeing the proper care and maintenance of our building to ensure the safety of our students at all times.
  • Our entire teaching staff; classroom, specialty and extended day teachers included, for their meticulous preparation of the environment. Also, for those who have recently undergone new training of various kinds to expand upon their teaching skills.
  • Last but not least, Robyn, for sharing her vision and teaching us all to keep the needs and success of the students at the forefront of our minds! She has carefully guided us to this wonderful place and her vision inspires us to improve year after year!

I thank you for giving us the opportunity to educate your children. My door is always open and I feel confident that our administrative team is equipped to meet your needs this year. Please, do not hesitate to stop in to chat!


Britney Peterson
School Director