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Are You Getting Ready?

Hello Parents,

I am excited winter sports season is upon us! Hopefully, the snow stays fresh throughout the season. Last Thursday, December 1st, MCS emailed out our Waiver and Release. As we strive to go paperless, it has been a bit confusing with the different links that have gone out. This far, there has been a link for Snowbird’s Ski School Waiver (Mandatory), a survey to determine Snowboarding interest, and MCS’ Waiver and Release (Mandatory).

If you have not received or filled out both Snowbird’s Waiver or MCS’ Waiver, please let the office know.

I hope everyone is getting gear sorted and ready, in particular, clearly labeling each piece. Also, letting your students practice wearing their gear, putting it on and off, familiarizing themselves with each piece of their gear, and carrying it around themselves.

Thanks so much for all of your support and enthusiasm in helping your student to be prepared for such a special experience and wonderful opportunity to experience activities our beautiful Rocky Mountains allow.