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Uinta Adventure 2018 – Fremont Indian State Park

Last week the Uinta class (Upper Elementary, 9-12 year olds) embarked on a great adventure to Fremont Indian State Park. There they enjoyed three days of outdoor fun, experiential learning, and life experiences.

This annual overnight camping adventure was the synthesis of their year’s studies.  As part of their cultural curriculum the students had studied the Fremont Indians while on GO. They explored relationships within and with nature so at Fremont Indian State Park they were able to see and experience first hand much of what they had read and learned about.


Students, teachers and parent chaperones worked together to create a comfortable camp space and prepare delicious meals to be shared. While there they participated in a facilitated ropes course. Team challenges such as “The Wall of Integrity” and “Escape the Sharks” required collaboration and constant communication. Other activities such as crossing the river via the rickety bridge and the wire walk were of a more personal nature, and challenged and stretched all to step out of their comfort zone. Other time on the trip was spent hiking, viewing the petroglyphs and pictographs and playing in nature. At night, we gathered around the campfire and the students entertained with jokes, games and stories.

Thank you to everyone who shopped the Market and supported their other business ventures to make Adventure 2018 possible.

“I had the privilege of chaperoning this year’s Uinta Adventure. It is my daughter’s first year in Upper El, so the experience was new for both of us. I was pleasantly surprised by how smoothly everything ran. The students took on a large portion of the responsibilities for keeping camp life running like a well-oiled machine, while still having time for free play and bonding with friends. We chaperones were there for support and guidance, along with having some of our own camp life responsibilities, but there was plenty of opportunity to step back and observe just how independent our 4th to 6th year students are. I felt it really captured the culmination of growth within the Montessori model and am so pleased I was allowed to participate in this unique experience. Thanks Uinta Class!”

-Melissa DeVries, Parent Chaperone