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Montessori Community School’s current policy on immunizations states that we must have up-to-date immunization records or a completed and signed Utah Department of Health exemption (for medical, religious or personal reasons) on file before each child’s first day of attendance.

It is the intention of MCS to require a student who has claimed an exemption to all vaccines or to one vaccine to stay home from school if there is good cause to believe that:

  • The student has a vaccine preventable disease,
  • Has been exposed to a vaccine-preventable disease,
  • Or will be exposed to a vaccine-preventable disease as a result of school attendance.

An excluded student may not attend school until the local health officer is satisfied that a student is no longer at risk of contracting or transmitting a vaccine-preventable disease.

Our records for this academic year indicate that we currently have less than 1% of our total enrollment with a status of exempt. Families with a student in a classroom that has an exempted student will be contacted directly. We recognize that this information is important to all in our community. We encourage you to reach out to us should you have questions or concerns. We also encourage you to speak to your doctor for advice should you have reason to take extra precautions for loved ones.

Please note that our policy on immunization is currently under review. In addition, we are working toward organizing committees to (1) review best practices in regards to limiting the spread of infectious diseases in the school setting and (2) establish opportunities for the education of our staff and families regarding important health and safety measures. A town hall forum is being planned for early October to appraise our community of the work-to-date in these matters as well as allow our stakeholders an opportunity to give input. Should you wish to be involved in either of these committees, or weigh in on the review of the policy, please contact Robyn, Brandi or Britney directly. We would be happy to share our preliminary plans of action with you and include you in the planning and scheduling of the committees.