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Administration Announcement

| Montessori Admin |

Dear MCS Parents,

What a year we have had! I want to thank all of you for your love and support. The past few months, in particular, have been trying and you have been incredibly gracious and patient with our school and our administrative team.  While the future of COVID-19 remains somewhat uncertain, we are comforted by the newfound realization that our community will endure trials together and that in collaboration we will continue to move forward. I want to especially thank the parents on our Health and Safety Committee who have worked with our admin team to prepare for the future. And I would like to recognize Brandi Allen, Margaret Mc Donald, Jemmyn Buchanan and Jordan Newbould for their quick implementation of a Distance Learning program.  They have supported parents and staff through this difficult transition.

As we look at the future, you can expect some changes in our administrative team moving forward.  It is with great trust and confidence that I announce that Brandi Allen and Margaret

Mc Donald will work together as Co-Directors of Montessori Community School, beginning this summer and moving forward, with Candace Wiseman as our Summer Camp Director.  While I will remain part of the admin team and will consult with and support them for many months, possibly years, to come, I will no longer carry the title of School Director.  I have a strong desire for increased time spent with my family as I move towards a part time schedule.

Please note that this transition began before COVID-19 impacted our on-site instruction and that our team has been working to prepare for this transition for some time. Each and every member of our administrative team is prepared to support our students, parents and staff in whichever ways possible to ensure a smooth and stable transition.  I will be working closely with the team throughout the summer, preparing for the fall, and next year when we all gather together again on campus. As you have probably noticed, Brandi and Margaret have each taken on more and more responsibility throughout the year and particularly with the onset of COVID-19.  As our Uinta Parents have already been informed, a new teacher, Joshi Haskell, will join Christian full time in the Upper Elementary classroom this coming fall.

In addition to my support of the admin team, I am pleased to announce that Cherie Mockli, LCSW, and former MCS employee, will be joining MCS in the fall to provide support to students, parents and staff.  We realize that there is no way to know exactly how the stress of COVID-19 and the extended time away from classes will have impacted our student body. We are pleased that Cherie will be here to provide support. More information about Cherie is forthcoming but please note that I plan to work closely with her as she navigates her way through MCS.

Our team will spend the coming months clearly outlining these new roles and responsibilities and we appreciate your support as we do so.  While it might be unnecessary, it feels important for me to let you know that this transition is in no way related to COVID-19, it does not reflect a personal concern about MCS in any way, and that this is an inevitable transition for which I have been preparing since 2018. My commitment to MCS has been to help them transition to a dedicated admin team and I am pleased that Margaret and Brandi, with the support of Robyn Eriwata-Buchanan, Jemmyn Buchanan, Ramira Alamilla and Nanette Cenaruzabeitia, have decided to step into this role at the most fitting time for us all.  My love for and dedication to Montessori Community School is as strong as ever.  However, my personal circumstances have changed more quickly than anticipated and I am looking forward to increased time with my family.

My position as School Director, like all my time at MCS, has stretched me in unimaginable ways.  I have learned so much about collaboration, trust, advocacy, compassion, forgiveness, connection, and humility. I feel honored to have helped implement the vision that Robyn and her family so lovingly share with our community.  And, I thank you for being my partners in helping our community strive to be strong and supportive of the children whom we all love so deeply.

And it is with deep gratitude and a full heart that I bid farewell to 2019-2020. Please do reach out with any questions as I remain a devoted member of our admin team.

In deep gratitude,