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Carson Woodard – Summer Residency Program

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Many of you already know who I am, but for those of you who don’t, my name is Carson Woodard. I teach outdoor classroom, G.O., extended day, and assist in all three elementary classrooms. I am currently getting my Montessori upper elementary certification, and will attend a summer residency program in park City this July. I will be selling a small collection of my poetry and three large framed poems and will accept any additional donations in hopes to raise enough funds to cover my expenses. If you’d like to contribute, these items will be available during the Montessori Market this coming Thursday and Friday, April 21 & 22.

I have also attached a small sample of one of my poems below for you to read.


Carson Woodard


I am here to speak about the grave details of my desire.
For if I do not expel them they are bound to
Flee at this thought’s retire.

I must find my soul.
I am unsure if a soul I have.
I am uncertain if it is a substance I can grasp.
Walking through the thick grass of my backyard,
I trudged through the freezing forests of my lost soul.
My heart yearns from above this jungle
For my nature’s disenthrallment.
And frosts upon this lawn make the bells of my sensitive skin ring,
Alarming the flustered flowers to be weary
That their beauty might meet its final spring.
As the sun arose from the mount olympus cove,
Only the shadow of a goldfinch perching on the fence showed.
But the warmth of its song unthawed this lawn.
That’s when I found it out in the open,
Hiding beneath the daylight,
Glowing radiantly upon my sight.
My soul I have found.
At last!
I ran inside with it cupped in my hands,
Towards the jar where I have kept a grasshopper alive
All winter long.
I opened up the jar and set it inside,
And I wondered who would win in a fight.
I am a child, what can I say?
I want one thing until I’ve found it
Then I aspire to play.
I waited and waited throughout the entire day.
Finally, when the sun’s colorful ship
Had sunk behind the western mountain,
I looked once more before I gave myself
To the land of dreams.
My soul glowingly gleamed inside and out of the grasshopper.
At last, I felt whole!
And that’s when my love for bugs
Became my very own soul.