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Best Wishes and Farewell

| Montessori Admin |

The time has come for Mr. Lian and Ramira to say goodbye to MCS and move on to new things.

Mr. Lian

Mr. Lian and his family will be moving to Bowling Green, Kentucky at the end of this school year. He, his wife, Naemeh, and children-Kham (6th grade), Dotawi (4th grade), David (2nd grade) and baby Jo will be greatly missed.

Mr. Lian has worked at MCS since 2008. In his long years of service to our school he carried out his responsibilities in a timely and careful manner while still managing to be available to the “beck and call” of all. In his work and interactions with students, staff and parents he was so very gracious and patient. We knew that we did not need to worry as the school’s building and grounds were in his very capable hands.

Our students and staff acknowledge Mr. Lian for his hard work and gentle manner; his kindness and dedication; his creativity and innovation; and the wonderful example he set for us all. Messages can be sent to


Over the years Ramira’s roles and responsibilities shifted but in everything she did her stellar work ethic was very evident. While in recent years Ramira reduced her hours to part-time and for the past 2 years worked remotely, her contributions remained invaluable. Ramira has left a lasting impression on our school and staff. She will be greatly missed.

Our community acknowledges Ramira for her inclusive manner; her persistence to bring accreditation to completion; the beautiful paintings and photographs she could create; and the wonderful example of follow through she presented to us all.

Please read her own words of farewell to the community here. Messages can be sent to

It was an honor to work with Mr. Lian and Ramira and a privilege to be involved in their children’s growth and development. We are very grateful for their many contributions to MCS. They will be fondly remembered. Please join the community to express our gratitude to them and wish them well in the future.