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Introducing Wynde Klauer

| Montessori Admin |

We are delighted to introduce you to Wynde Klauer who joined our Student Support team last year as a reading specialist.

Wynde brings a wealth of experience and training to our community. She has a Masters in Education and a Reading Endorsement from Westminster College. She spent 8 years working in an early childhood Montessori classroom and 24 years teaching 1st grade for the SLC school district. Most recently, since her retirement, she has been a much sought after substitute at MCS.

Wynde will focus on working with lower elementary students through December 2022. She will collaborate closely with the elementary teachers to provide supplemental reading instruction to students in their classrooms that would benefit from this targeted practice. In January 2023, she will turn her attention to 3rd years in the early childhood program.

Wynde’s own words, “I am excited to help students gain more skills, confidence, and pleasure with their own reading experience.”