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Celebrating our own Ms. Donda!

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As many folks at MCS know, I love nature and continuously find more and more ways to be engaged in natural cycles and environments. This summer I had the amazing opportunity to be involved in the Herb Pharm Herbaculture Internship program in Williams, Oregon! Herb Pharm is a world renowned company that grows, sources, prepares, and sells herbal extracts. Through the internship program, interns work on the farm in exchange for herbal classes and opportunities to gather and make medicine. While I was there, I wrote an article for their newsletter about our experiences as the summer interns, which is also included in this publication. I have already found my summer immersion into herbs to be greatly inspiring in my personal life as well as my work with the children of MCS! We are eating the weeds and making seasonal teas out of our on site local flora and loving it! May your relationship with plants continue to grow as well!

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The pictures here show Calendula!
We harvest about (literally) a ton of Calendula by the end of the season.
So, usually 300 to 400 pounds per week or so! Is it any wonder how Calendula is my new favorite herb?!