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Earthquake Protocol at MCS

| Montessori Admin |

During an Earthquake:

  • Stay calm.
  • Drop, take Cover and Hold On until tremor(s) has subsided. Stay where you are. If you are inside, stay inside, if outside, stay there.
    • If inside, crawl under a desk, table or bench, hold on to the structure with one hand while covering head/neck with the other.
    • If no protection is available, drop to the floor, cover your head with your hands and crawl to the closest supported doorway, or along an inside wall or corner if you can safely do so.
    • If outside, move to a clear area if you can safely do so; avoid power lines, trees, signs, buildings, vehicles, and other hazards. Then Drop, Cover, and Hold On.
  • Avoid windows, hanging fixtures, bookcases, or outside walls until the shaking stops.
  • The electricity may go out and/or the fire alarms may activate.

Immediately After an Earthquake:

  • Evacuate students and staff to the assembly point or alternate safe area(s).
  • Be prepared for aftershocks.
  • Do not move the seriously injured unless they are in imminent danger.
  • Do not touch electrical power lines or broken electrical equipment.
  • Do not use the telephone, light switches, matches, candles or other open flame unless you are absolutely sure there is no natural gas leaking.

Teaching & Support Staff Checklist

  • Evacuate to designated areas of the assembly point with emergency backpack and class roster.
  • Take roll & display Green/Red card as appropriate.
  • Administer first aid where necessary.
  • Wait for MCS Admin to give the next directive.

Administration Checklist

  • Evacuate to assembly point with emergency supplies, master roster and sign-out sheet from office.
  • Take master roll.
  • Convene emergency response team and implement crisis response procedure as needed.

Crisis Response Procedures Checklist

  • Distribute supplies as needed from the Emergency Supply Shed.
  • Delegate someone from Facilities to check natural gas, water and electrical lines and report any damage to the appropriate utility.
  • If there is cell phone service and email, notify families about pickup location via emergency notification system.