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Welcome Maya Brewer

| Montessori Admin |

Please join us in welcoming Maya to the MCS community. Maya recently joined our staff and has spent the past few weeks familiarizing herself with our various systems and procedures to assume the responsibilities of bookkeeper, payroll and assorted HR tasks.  As of April 30, Maya will have fully transitioned into her position and will be ready to assist our families with any questions related to tuition and billing.

Maya was born and raised in Utah.  She attended the University of Utah and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. While this is Maya’s first time working in a school setting, her work history has provided her with a wealth of experiences from working in small family owned businesses to the corporate world.

Getting to know Maya: “I’d consider myself a homebody and love spending time with friends and family. I like the family type environment at MCS and look forward to meeting everyone. I also like to spend time volunteering for worthy causes and learned some non-profit accounting through that.”

“I have two Russian Siberian fur babies, Kohshka (Russian for Cat) and Pushistyy (Russian for Fluffy), and tons of photos if you’re interested, or just want to hear me pronounce their names.”

“A little known fact about me: when I was about 5, I decided I needed a middle name (as I was the only one in the family that didn’t have one) and it should be “Action!” It stuck.”