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Holiday Giving Gives Back

This year, MCS sponsored three families through The Neighborhood House, a local charity. We started with three small trees filled with ornaments, each depicting a special wish list items. Over the last couple of weeks we have watched our students and families become excited, tearful, and deeply involved with this project.


We were overwhelmed with the response. Within the first week, all the ornaments were taken and we were being asked, “What else can we bring in? What else can we do?”. We then contacted The Neighborhood House and got another list of items they are constantly in need of. We made more ornaments, and within two more days, those ornaments were taken and wishes were fulfilled.


Today, our 3rd Year Lower Elementary students were able to deliver the gifts to The Neighborhood House. They were so excited to unload the gifts and bring them into the building. They watched as children gathered at doorways and windows smiling with glee just seeing the many beautiful gifts being brought in.

During the drive to the charity, the students carried on a heartfelt conversation about the gifts, and how they are going to families that really need the items and families that don’t have hardly anything. It was touching to see their connection to this event, their understanding, and compassion. We are so blessed here in our community at this school. We are feeling so grateful and our hearts are full in wonderment at our MCS families and their brilliant children.


Thank you to our wonderful PSA in coordinating, and communicating with The Neighborhood House to be able to become involved in such a beautiful program. We hope this grace continues on with everyone this season and into the new year.