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Robyn’s Message to the Community

| Alejandro Malespin |

One question that was posed to me by parents recently was, “What are your legacy and succession plans? How can the school best live on in perpetuity no matter who is in leadership?”

Over the past few years I have had three different parties, associated with the school, plus an outside company, who have expressed a serious interest in purchasing the school, so I will consider those options for the future.

One important factor regarding the sale of the school, if that was to happen, would be based on my opinion as to whether or not I believed that the new owners had the same or a similar vision for the school. Another important factor would be the opinions of the staff regarding the potential buyer/s. I truly value their input.

If I was to die, or be incapacitated suddenly, my daughter, KereAna, who lives in New Zealand, and like all other members of our family has been involved with the school in so many ways since she was a child, and who has worked in the business sector for many years, has indicated that she would return to oversee the running of the school until it could be sold. At this point my four children will inherit the school business as well as the building in equal shares. It would not be sold until there was a buyer who met my criteria.

On the 15th I will be flying home to New Zealand. My high school is celebrating its 75th Jubilee – the last one held was the 50th which I was able to attend. I was not sure if this was the ideal time to leave but most of my best friends will be attending, and in addition over the past month I have found out that one of my closest friends has been moved to Hospice care and another with Lewy Body dementia that appears to be progressing very quickly. It is important that I spend some time with them so I have chosen to go. At this point I am planning to be gone for 2-3 weeks. I will be able to be reached by email.


Best wishes,