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Community Builders Needed!

| Alejandro Malespin |

What: Each class needs 1-2 community builders to plan a few class activities after school. Past examples include: meeting at a playground, ice skating, sledding, parent-only social…

Where: Community builders can choose the activity or meeting place.

When: Community Builders decide. Often activities are planned right after school, early evening or on a Saturday.

Why: It is an MCS tradition that each class has 1-2 community builder(s) who can plan a few outside-of-school activities throughout the school year. Developing and being part of a school community is part of what makes MCS special. This volunteer position satisfies volunteer hours asked for by MCS.

How: If you are interested/able to sign up to be a community builder, your child’s teachers will send you the class email list and you can email families as needed. Please let Anna Martin know – – if you would like to be a community builder or have any questions.


Thank you for your support!

Anna Martin

PSA Community Builder Contact