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Infant Program – Opening Fall 2021

| Montessori Admin |

MCS is excited to announce the opening of our Infant Program. Parents will now have the opportunity to enroll their infants in a program specifically created for newborns through 18 months. Applications can be submitted starting June 1.

The Montessori approach to infant education honors each child and provides a safe, nurturing and consistent environment for them to grow in.

“All that we ourselves are has been made by the child, by the child we were in the first two years of our lives.”

by Dr. Maria Montessori

Each infant class will have 3-4 adults, one of whom will be the lead Montessori guide. The lead guides will have Montessori teaching credentials for infants through toddlers. The assistants will support the lead guides in the daily activities of the class, the preparation and cleanliness of the environment and the care of the infants. Though the infants will interact with all the adults in the classroom on a daily basis, the classroom’s lead guide will be the main point of contact for parent communication.

MCS infant guides will be pediatric CPR and first aid certified.

The guides in the infant classrooms will observe the children’s natural schedules and allow them to eat when they are hungry, nap when they are tired and explore when they are ready while providing a loving and safe environment. The guides will provide parents with a daily record of their child’s day that documents every time a child eats, sleeps, works, or has a bodily function.

 “Nido” the Italian word for nest

Nido, a term often used to identify a Montessori infant program, perfectly articulates Dr. Montessori’s vision of the prepared environment for infants. Just like a nest, the MCS infant classroom will provide warmth, peace and safety to all infants in our care.

In its formative year, our Infant Program will be staffed by our very own Austin Bull and newly hired Emily Squadroni. Austin and Emily will collaborate to establish the program and prepare the classroom space to open in the fall. Look for Emily’s biography coming soon along with additional information about the Infant Program.

Fully established, the Infant Program at MCS will have 2 classrooms. 2021-22 will see us opening the first classroom. We anticipate being able to open the second classroom in 2023-24. We are grateful to our staff and the greater Utah Montessori community for their support and encouragement in making this long desired dream a reality.

The infant program will offer school day and extended care hours, Monday thru Thursday or Friday. Admission inquiries can be submitted here. For additional information please contact Ramira Alamilla, Director of Admissions, at

Austin Bull
Emily Squadroni