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Lockout Security Procedure Explained

| Montessori Admin | ,

A lockout is a precautionary security procedure implemented to minimize exposure to an external threat. Examples would be elevated police activity in the neighbourhood, dangerous wildlife spotted nearby, or hazards in close proximity to the school.

  • Should a lockout be warranted, an announcement will be made via the school’s intercom to alert staff.
  • Outside activities will be canceled but inside activities will continue as normal to the extent possible.
  • Facility staff will ensure that all exterior windows and doors are secured and admin staff will account for all classes and staff having heard the announcement and making suitable accommodations to their routines.
  • Typically, no person (parent, student, staff member, guest, etc.) may enter or leave the building while a lockout is in place.
  • If a lockout is initiated, the school’s emergency notification system will be used to send a text to all parents. This will notify parents not to approach the school and to be on alert for follow up communications related to the emergency and any special instructions necessary for drop-off or pick-up.

A lockout mock drill typically lasts 10-15 minutes; this allows staff time to implement safety measures and consider necessary procedures.

Mock drills play an important role in training school staff to know their responsibilities so they can take the lead in an emergency. It’s equally important for students to know the planned procedures so they can work cooperatively with adults. Familiarizing teachers and students with the emergency plan also helps to reduce anxiety, panic and confusion and help everyone remain calm. The results of a mock drill are crucial to identifying areas of weakness in any emergency plan.

In advance of all mock drills, teachers discuss in age appropriate ways with the students the procedure to be followed and the reasons for the drill. We recognize that children will have questions. Teachers will address questions simply, and invite children to discuss the events at home.

“Drill in Progress” signs are posted on the doors whenever a mock drill is being conducted. We thank you for your patience and understanding while staff attend to their responsibilities during a drill.