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Summer Camp 2022

Please click here for current summer camp information.

Summer Camp at MCS is a multi-week program that focuses on a different area of the world each year. For Summer Camp 2022 (6/14/22-8/12/22), Russia will be our destination! A description of the camp, tuition prices, and policies can be found here.

Summer Camp 2022 registration is now available to current MCS families, via a webform in the FACTS Family Portal. An all-school email has been sent indicating registration is open.

  • The deadline for enrolling is Friday, December 3. Charges will be added to your current payment plan and method in FACTS Financial and will be applied in May and/or June 2022, depending on your plan.
  • Students attend summer camp with the same schedule they attended throughout the school year.
  • We will try to accommodate schedule changes as needed; however, after March 1, 2022, staffing will be in place for the summer and we cannot guarantee a schedule change.
  • If any withdrawals are made between January 15 and March 1, 50% of the summer tuition will still be charged; after March 1, 75% of the summer tuition will be charged; and after June 1, 100% of the summer tuition will be charged.

Thank you for your patience as our Directors assessed our expenses and staff salaries for summer camp, with consideration for COVID-19 protocols. Our model for this service was based on pre-pandemic protocols/staffing/enrollment and needed review.

Please email Ramira Alamilla at or Candace Wiseman at if you have any questions.

Enroll in Summer Camp 2022 via FACTS Webforms

  • Login to FACTS Family Portal
  • Under the School menu choose Web Forms
  • Click Summer Camp Enrollment
  • Click the button next to each student

For questions related to getting signed in to FACTS Family Portal see this blog post