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Parent Volunteer Hours for 2021-2022

Normally, this would be the time we would ask everyone to ensure that their Parent Volunteer Hours are logged in FACTS so that we can honor your service work. Due to the pandemic, we understand if you have not fulfilled all 10 hours. We do ask that you account for what time you have spent working in the classrooms or with the school. Please be sure to include any time serving on committees.

Donate Instead of Volunteering

If you did not complete your 10 hours we would normally ask parents to make up the balance with a monetary donation of $25/hour to MEF or another nonprofit. Again, this is not being required this year but your pledge to MEF and organizations with similar values is most appreciated.

Montessori Educational Foundation (MEF) is the sister organization of MCS. One of MEF’s functions is to raise funds for various projects. This year we were able to raise enough money to place HEPA filters in every class in the school. To donate to MEF please click the button below.