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Spring School-wide Survey

| Montessori Admin |

It is time to evaluate the school-wide Spring survey’s overall effectiveness and reestablish its function within our community. If you are interested in becoming involved in this project or have ideas that you feel would be helpful to the process please reach out to¬†

Historically, the Spring School-wide Survey has contained 6 sections. The pandemic necessitated modifications to some questions and others were eliminated as they were no longer relevant or deemed repetitive. However, in general, the questions in each section have been in place since the inception of the survey over 10 years ago. In its current format, the survey invites responses to 28 prompts and takes approximately 9 minutes to complete.

This year we want to consider the following

  1. Converting the survey to a Google form
  2. Determining which questions are most pertinent to contribute data for longitudinal study purposes
  3. The addition of sections or questions that will allow the community’s input on:
    1. Year specific events or issues
    2. Upcoming initiatives or planning
    3. School items of importance to our students

We want to ensure the length of time needed to complete the survey remains under 10 minutes and hope to increase the number of completed responses we receive.

Our goal is to have the survey ready to send to the community no later than May 19, 2022.