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Positive Parenting with Michelle Vo, MD

| Montessori Admin |

In March we had the pleasure of hosting Montessori parent of 3, Michelle Vo, MD, for our Parent Education Event.  Michelle presented on the subject of Positive Parenting; a method that focuses on developing a strong relationship between parent and child and which is based on mutual respect and communication.  It’s purpose? To create strong emotional connections between parent and child.

Positive Parenting aligns beautifully with Montessori in that it meets a child where they are at developmentally and the adults are considered guides. This is different from some more traditional approaches where the parent is the disciplinarian.

Michelle spoke to us about parent self-regulation, with reminders to take care of our selves so that we could remain emotionally available and feel successful as parents.  As parents, we are our children’s safe space and approaching this task mindfully and intentionally is crucial to creating a safe and secure space in which our children learn and grow. Once we are on safe ground, we can work to create one of the most desired human needs; connection.  Connection is built successfully through engagement and attention.

We are very appreciative of Michelle’s time and those of us who attended her workshop were inspired by all she shared.  We look forward to the future opportunity to learn from Michelle and other MCS parents.