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Earth Day Inspiration

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Our Upper Elementary class have been studying poetry and in the process of searching for inspiration for a Haiku poem, one of our 5th year students wrote the below poem, free-verse style. Sevilla told us that Free-Verse is her favorite style of poetry because it doesn’t put any limitations on the writer and allows for more creativity than other types of poetry.  Please enjoy. For more inspiring work by our Uinta students (9-12 year olds), be sure to visit the lower level east hallway (near the dance studio).

Earth Day Inspiration

Our world will soon be ashes,
So dreamers listen up.
Our world will be a graveyard,
As humans raise their cup.
Our world will be a ghost town,
Before you can even blink.
Because even the sturdiest swimmer,
Eventually will sink.
So dreamers, find your wild side,
So explorers find your earth,
So workers find your forest,
And wanderers find your mirth.
Call upon the fire,
Buried deep within your bones.
Because everybody must unite,
If we want to save our home.
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by Sevilla Devries