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Summer Camp – Join Now

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This summer we will be going through the timeline of some of our most pivotal inventions throughout history. Each student (inventor) will have a chance to explore some of those pivotal inventions as well as be a part in creating ideas and inventions of their very own! 

We are excited to continue field trips, gardening, and splash days as well as adding frequent in-house invention’s labs this year. 

Thank you for donating your recycled materials! We have so many wonderful plans with what has been provided so far, and appreciate the support and learning while we reduce reuse and recycle together! Keep them coming!

June 17 – August 9

(School Hours & Extended Hours)

  • Splash Days
  • Field Trips

Ages 3 – 9

Fill out the inquiry form for details. We will reach out to you with details shortly.

Email or call 801-355-1555 with questions.

Summer camp field-trips