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Summer Camp – Join Now

This summer we will be going through the timeline of some of our most pivotal inventions throughout history. Each student (inventor) will have a chance to explore some of those pivotal inventions as well as be a part in creating ideas and inventions of their very own! 

We are excited to continue field trips, gardening, and splash days as well as adding frequent in-house invention’s labs this year. 

Thank you for donating your recycled materials! We have so many wonderful plans with what has been provided so far, and appreciate the support and learning while we reduce reuse and recycle together! Keep them coming!

June 17 – August 9

(School Hours & Extended Hours)

  • Splash Days
  • Field Trips

Ages 3 – 9

Fill out the inquiry form for details. We will reach out to you with details shortly.

Email or call 801-355-1555 with questions.

Summer camp field-trips

Accredited School Accepting Vouchers from Utah Fits All Scholarship

Montessori Community School is the IMC accredited school approved to accept vouchers from the Utah Fits All, school choice, education scholarship which is open from February 25 through April 15, 2024. We encourage all K-6th grade aged students to apply.

Act Now to Secure Your Scholarship

Utah residents are eligible for this funding, but due to the limited number of available scholarships this year, certain families will be prioritized. We encourage everyone to apply. This funding provides $8000 toward tuition here. Details can be found on the scholarship website.

If your family wants to tap into the benefits of a Montessori education, Montessori Community School is a leader for parents in the Salt Lake City, UT area. Serving many University of Utah parents and families, our location is only a few minutes from downtown.

Utah Education Fits All

Utah Fits All – Utah’s Scholarship Voucher Program

Utah Fits All is a universal school choice scholarship program signed into law in 2023! All K-12 students who are residents of Utah qualify to receive the full amount of $8000 whether they currently attend public, private, homeschool, or are just starting kindergarten.

Scholarships will be available for use beginning with the 2024-25 school year.

Applications for this program are not open yet but you are able to Pre-Apply and join their mailing list so that you are the first to be notified when the program opens up.

Montessori Community Shool is excited to to accept students under this Scholarship / Voucher program allowing more students to receive a Montessori education in Utah and we believe it will benefit the entire education system in Utah.

An Overview of Montessori

Private School Review posted a fantastic review of Montessori, highlighting philosophy, principles, age-range, approach, and benefits. So much of what makes learning through Montessori beneficial can be seen in those who attended Montessori schools. Thinking outside the box, the founders of Google graduated from Montessori schools. Other important aspects of a Montessori classroom can be found here in Salt Lake City, near the University of Utah. Respect for the child, Self-directed learning, Individualized instruction, are just a few core principals which set Montessori apart from other academic driven schools. Ironically, numerous studies show that Montessori students do better on standardized tests than public school students and often more academically focused private schools. Engaged-children prove over and over that kids love to learn and if the classroom and tools are setup for them to do that, in a self-paced, hands-on way, they become successful, global-citizens.

See the full article

If you are interested in providing an effective way of learning for your child, please contact our admissions team or Request a Tour today.

Open House – 1/18/23 – 6:30pm (Admissions Info)

Montessori Community School will be hosting an Open House Meeting (formerly General Admissions Information Meeting). Parents are invited in-person, to learn more about the Montessori method, curriculum and philosophy, and how our programs are designed to educate the whole child. You will have the opportunity to visit our classrooms and meet our Montessori teaching staff.

January 18, 2023


Program Ages:

  • Infants / 3 – 18 Months
  • Toddlers / 18 Months – 3 Years
  • Early Childhood / 3 – 6 Years
  • Elementary / 6 – 12 Years

You are invited, regardless if you have previously made an inquiry to the school or spoken with someone from our dedicated staff. This is an in-person event for adults only. An opportunity for your child to tour is available later.

You may fill out our “Request a Tour” form and specify the Jan. 18 event in order to indicate you will be attending.

Holiday Gift Giving 2022

Each year MCS looks for local charities to support as an opportunity for our entire community to participate in service learning projects. This year we have chosen to give to some great causes: The INN Between and the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

The INN Between serves vulnerable people experiencing homelessness in the Salt Lake area.  They provide medical respite and end-of life care.   They use and provide basic supplies from laundry items and Gatorade to craft projects.

The International Rescue Committee  helps people affected by humanitarian crises recover.  This year we are responding to one family of 6 with some basic needs from sheets and driving lessons to a laptop and gift cards.

Give now to our sister nonprofit MEF and we will purchase items needed.

If you have donated in-kind or financially please use the following donation receipt for your tax purposes.

Mary Dickerson

When our family moved to Utah in 2014, we were looking for the right school to send our children to. We really loved the mission of MCS. The individual attention given to each child’s learning and development was important to us. Montessori Community School felt like home for our children and there was a nice connection with our values. We believe that this was a good fit for our daughters. One of our children had gone to a Montessori school when she was younger and our family was looking to continue fostering the education that she had received.

Mary Dickerson

MCS has been a really good fit for our kids. They have thrived in this environment. The way materials are presented and the way they get to work independently with support from their teachers has fostered a love for learning. One of our children has remarked that they feel school days are not long enough! This method has worked well for our daughters and our family. Each day, they want to come to school and learn more.

Mary Dickerson

Our daughter who graduated from the school last year was prepared socially, academically and emotionally for her transition. Her teachers have observed that she goes above and beyond with her creativity and is able to flex her intellectual muscles.

Mary Dickerson

The sense of community is very strong. The school nurtures opportunities for families to be engaged during the school day, as well as outside of it. We are grateful to have long-lasting family friends that we met through the school.

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