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Medical Action Plans and Medication Release Forms

If your student has or uses an Epi-Pen, Inhaler, or Benadryl for an allergy or other medical condition, you MUST have a recent Medical Action Plan and Medicine Release Form filled out.


Please fill the forms out with complete, detailed information as soon as possible. If any information changes throughout the year, please update the information and return it to the MCS office.  You will be able to download the forms from the announcements section of the website for the remainder of the year.

Please be vigilant and thorough while taking the time to do this, as we want any member of our staff to have enough information to offer the care and support your student may need if there is an emergency.

This information is not only for those parents with students who have allergies or other medical conditions, but for all parents to look at and become familiar with, as many of our students are very young and are still in the process of discovering their little bodies and their bodies responses to potential allergens.

Please check out these other supplemental forms that would be helpful as the more information we have regarding your child’s health and medical procedures, the better prepared we will be in assisting and administering the proper medications the correct way.

Food Allergy Action Plan


Asthma Action Plan

Seizure Action Plan


Diabetes Action Plan