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Accredited School Accepting Vouchers from Utah Fits All Scholarship

Montessori Community School is the IMC accredited school approved to accept vouchers from the Utah Fits All, school choice, education scholarship which is open from February 25 through April 15, 2024. We encourage all K-6th grade aged students to apply.

Act Now to Secure Your Scholarship

Utah residents are eligible for this funding, but due to the limited number of available scholarships this year, certain families will be prioritized. We encourage everyone to apply. This funding provides $8000 toward tuition here. Details can be found on the scholarship website.

If your family wants to tap into the benefits of a Montessori education, Montessori Community School is a leader for parents in the Salt Lake City, UT area. Serving many University of Utah parents and families, our location is only a few minutes from downtown.

Utah Education Fits All