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Summer Camp 2022

Please click here for current summer camp information.

Summer Camp at MCS is a multi-week program that focuses on a different area of the world each year. For Summer Camp 2022 (6/14/22-8/12/22), Russia will be our destination! A description of the camp, tuition prices, and policies can be found here.

Summer Camp 2022 registration is now available to current MCS families, via a webform in the FACTS Family Portal. An all-school email has been sent indicating registration is open.

  • The deadline for enrolling is Friday, December 3. Charges will be added to your current payment plan and method in FACTS Financial and will be applied in May and/or June 2022, depending on your plan.
  • Students attend summer camp with the same schedule they attended throughout the school year.
  • We will try to accommodate schedule changes as needed; however, after March 1, 2022, staffing will be in place for the summer and we cannot guarantee a schedule change.
  • If any withdrawals are made between January 15 and March 1, 50% of the summer tuition will still be charged; after March 1, 75% of the summer tuition will be charged; and after June 1, 100% of the summer tuition will be charged.

Thank you for your patience as our Directors assessed our expenses and staff salaries for summer camp, with consideration for COVID-19 protocols. Our model for this service was based on pre-pandemic protocols/staffing/enrollment and needed review.

Please email Ramira Alamilla at or Candace Wiseman at if you have any questions.

Enroll in Summer Camp 2022 via FACTS Webforms

  • Login to FACTS Family Portal
  • Under the School menu choose Web Forms
  • Click Summer Camp Enrollment
  • Click the button next to each student

For questions related to getting signed in to FACTS Family Portal see this blog post

Summer Adventure Camp 2016

Hello Parents,
This year’s Summer Adventure Camp has been a beautiful and sun-soaked adventure! We have had the pleasure of learning all about the culture, landscape, and traditions of India through each of our senses. The children have laughed and played on splash days, and carefully crafted each art project.
     Noodle Mandalas
       Mango- Banana Smoothies
Bounce and Splash Days
We’ve also had the opportunity to hop in the vans and get out into the community! From hiking in our beautiful neighboring canyons, to exploring the 5 senses at The Children’s Museum, to watching birds take flight at the Aviary. We have had a wide array of fascinating and exciting field trips.
Field Trips

A traveler and world music aficionado, Leraine, visited our school to demonstrate different instruments and stories from India. We all loved singing and dancing along to her captivating tunes.
As summer is now drawing to a close, I want to thank all of you for your support and dedication to MCS. I also want to thank the fabulous staff who helped make this camp come to life and of course, I want to thank all the students here who are bright, beautiful, and full of love. Watching them discover and explore in each area of study has been inspirational.


Christian Olson
Summer Camp Director